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Changzhou Fanqun Rotary Dryer

Changzhou Fanqun Rotary Dryer Image

Product Name Sell Changzhou Fanqun Rotary Dryer
Product Category Industrial Supplies & Machinery » Industrial Equipment » Drying Ovens
Product Keyword Changzhou Fanqun Rotary Dryer

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Changzhou Fanqun Rotary Dryer - Changzhou Fanqun Drying Equipment - Top China Drying Equipment Manufacturer
HYG roraty dryer is a kind of drying equipmengt with big materials.handing capacity.It consist of heat source,feeding device,totary cylinder,driving device,discharger and tail gas duster.This dryer have a big capacity,which can be used in various situation.Fluid resistance is small with,wide scope of operation and simple control.Moisture of products can be less than 1%
*Product features
1.The motorization level of the barrel is high,and the production capacity is htgh;
2.The resistance that the material passes through the barrel is less,and the power consumption is low.
3.Application capability to different characters of materials is high.
4.The operation is stable,the operation fee is low,and the uniformity of product drying is good.
*Heat source
Steam, electricity,hot air furnace or other industrial waste-heat and etc.
*Heat carrier
Hot air,fume etc
*Scope of appliction
application to powder,particle,piece and powder mix in paste of chemical,metallurgy,architectural material and light industry. in chemical industry, it can use to be dried as like ammonium nitrate.urea,ethane diacid,potassium dichromate,sodium phosphate,poly-sodium phosphate and etc.
*Work Principle
As the drawing shows,the wet material enters into the feeding box of the HYG dryer throuth screw conveyer,then enters into the rotary drum which is a slight tilting.Wet feed and heated air be mixed and contacted adequately with each other by vane in the inside of rotaty drum,under gravity and by absorbing heat energy,marking moisture evaportable to get dried products from discharger.before exhaust emission,used heated air contain moisture need for different duster as like cyclone or bag filter or water absorber,according to different requirment.

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