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Changzhou Fanqun ZDJ Belt Conveyor Vacuum Dryer

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Product Name Changzhou Fanqun Zdj Belt Conveyor Vacuum Dryer
Product Category Chemicals » Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Product Keyword Changzhou Fanqun ZDJ Belt Conveyor Vacuum Dryer

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Changzhou Fanqun ZDJ Belt Conveyor Vacuum Dryer - Changzhou Fanqun Drying Equipment -Top China Drying Equipment Manufacturer
*About Changzhou Fanqun ZDJ Belt Conveyor Vacuum Dryer
Model ZDJ Chinese medicine medicinal belt conveyou vacuum dryer which bring dryer whether our company develop special dryer in recent years.The machine solve a great difficult problem for traditional Chinese medicine medicinal extract of high density,high viscidity that alcohol withdraw,adopted spraying at odds with the community or the leadership in the past,because temperature was high,the temperature sensing composition was destroyed,it is apt to glue the wall;Adopt vacuum oven because of time long,energy consumption high apt to dye fungus,easy to return to the pharmaceutical,it is unable to produce in succession,can t reach GMP quality level.
This machine overcome and solve and store a lot of problems in while being above-mentioned,namely dry temperature is low,the effective composition is not left and lost,dry time is short,energy consumption is low,pollution-free,can produce in succession,in addition,automatically control,can guarantee not left and lost,dry time is short,energy consuption is low,pollution-free,can guarantee product quality effectively in this way,totally accord with GMP request,it is a kind of high-efficient,energy-conservation,new-type dry aircrew.
This machine is not only suitable for the medicinal extract of traditional Chinese medicine,is also suitable for the dryness of many kinds of products,such as polyose medicines,bio-pharmaceuticals,coffee,etc.too,use the prospect to be relatively wide.
Principle of Operation
Under high vacuum terms,by cloth machine in moving track coating even in succession supplies,form thin one material membrane,track advanced person is it heat section to enter,leave on low heat,general gaseous phase temperature control<50,moisture of fuel steep and flash and steam and is taken by drum away by the vacuum soon,the supplies are entered and cooled section,through frozen water being urgent and cold,make the supplies fragile,is collected the material tube by the scraper finally,automatically control out the material,the income products are original flavor of primary color,crisp particle,the whole course in succession automatic to produce,traditional Chinese medicine ideal equipment that medicinal extract produced.
1.The whole course finishes the dry craft under the high vacuum state,the standardard management of quality that accords with the medicines and produces GMP.
2.The aircrew divides into three districts to heat,one district directly heats by steam,two&three districts heat by the hot water.Heating temperature<50 degrees Centigrade,will hot change the kind of temperature sensing supplies.
3.The high vacuum is realized by the pump assembly of vacuum.
4.Use spiral shell s pole pump quantitative constant speed charge-in,but according to thing settlement.
5.The track operates steadily,reliable,the speed is adjustable,the material is the stainless steel.
6.Produce material in succession under the vacuum state,change the storage bucket.
7.Energy consumption is low,there are no three wastes,with low noise.
8.Very automatic control operation coefficient:PLC can be programmed,the touch-sensitive screen is operated.
9.The track adopts five layers,each layer is heated by heat ex-changer of modes.
10.Produce the material mouth brokenly and make a function,the size of particle can be established according to users.
11.The aircrew is furnished with the function high-pressure water of CIP and washes the system,accord with and the cleaning requirement.
*About Changzhou Fanqun
Changzhou Fanqun focused on international companies with names such as, P&G, DSM, BASF, Huntsman, Umicore, Englehard, Solvay, Evonik, Ensysta, Roche, to name a few.